rescueME EDF1

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RescueME EDF1 is the world’s most compact electric flare.

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RescueME EDF1 is the world’s most compact electric flare

LED Technology 2
Advanced LED technology – safe use

Fast accurate positioning
Superb 360 ° visibility all around

six hours use
Up to 6 hours of battery life

24 hours operational life1
Four operating modes and SOS signaling

Seven mile range 2
Range up to 7 NM / 13 km

test function
Battery test function

compact design 2
Compact, rugged design

Excellent visibility for SAR aircraft and helicopters

constant brightness 2
Constant brightness throughout the life of the battery

battery replacement 2
Easy to replace the battery

ten meters submersion 2
Waterproof to 10 meters


rescueME EDF1 is an electric flare that gives the user safe use for a long time to signal in an emergency.

The unique lens design combined with the use of advanced LEDs and high-efficiency technology provides a constant level of light throughout the life of the replaceable battery.

The light is scattered at a 30 ° angle in a 360 ° beam, giving more than six times more light than other electronic flares *. The light is also reflected above you, making you visible from the air.

Unlike pyrotechnic emergency flares, rescueME EDF1 can be used repetitively in any of its four positions, providing continuous visibility over a longer period. The device is both safe to store and use and you do not affect the environment in the same way as a traditional flare

The compact size and rugged design make rescueME EDF1 a perfect safety product in an emergency bag, life jacket, car or hiking backpack


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